Kiowa Administration on Aging


AOA provides congregate meals and home delivered meals to the elderly in area. Caregiver program provides respite care to elders.


It’s what we all feel instinctively-and science backs it up. A growing body of research shows that those who live in a caring, connected environment enjoy greater health and well-being than those who are isolated.

At the Kiowa Administration On Aging (AOA), the new Acting Director, Darin Zotigh stated, “We are dedicated to creating vibrant communities where older adults experience a healthier, happier, more meaningful lives-trading in loneliness for purposeful engagement.

When asked what makes the Kiowa AOA a different community, Zotigh answered, “What you experience and feel when you walk through the door at one of our congregate meals-the friendly staff members, and delicious culinary experiences. My desire and goals are to ensure that when people step inside our doors at the Kiowa AOA, they instantly feel welcomed, when they recognize our efforts are to put quality first, it’s not an accident”.

The Kiowa AOA does everything they can to make sure that happens so they can ensure that Kiowa Tribal members, friends, families, employees, and other visitors see and experience the excellent environment they strive to create.

As more people grow older, the need for quality senior living continues to grow, as well. The Kiowa AOA will be here to meet those needs, creating an environment where older people can thrive and have opportunities and support they need to continue to live fulfilling lives.

The AOA has held various activities including monthly family style bingo, flea markets, fund raisers, monthly birthday parties, an Easter Egg Hunt, and various other activities. Soon, the AOA plans to provide the elders with an assistive medical device loan closet.

Zotigh added, “Come feel the fellowship, laughter, and tasty cuisine-everyone is welcome, ah-ho.”