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Election notice


The Kiowa Tribe Election for the Annual Budget and KIC (Kiowa Indian Council) Resolutions will be held on Saturday, October 13, 2018. All Mail-In ballots must be received by the Carnegie Post Office by 10am on October 13; last day to update address with election commission is October 5, 2018. Polling Places will be open for voting from 9am - 5pm.

voter registration


According to the Election Laws as outlined in the Constitution of the Kiowa Tribe, The Kiowa Election Commission has initiated the process of voter registration (Article IX, Section 2, (a)). An eligible tribal member will become a Registered Voter in any one of the following ways:

Ø Have participated in any Election held since May 2017 under the newly revised Kiowa Constitution to include any Candidate Election, any Budget Election or any Special Election. If you have voted in any Election since May 2017, you are automatically a Registered Voter and no further registration action is needed.

Ø Have completed a Voter Registration form and submitted it to the Kiowa Election Commission. Forms can be obtained by calling the Election Office at 580-654-6325.

Ø Comes to a Polling Place and completes a Voter Registration form at the time of voting in any election. A tribal member will never be denied their right to vote. Voter Registration will always be available at any Polling Place on the day of an Election.

Ø Each Eligible District 7 Voter with a valid address on file will receive a mail-in ballot at the time of every Election. By signing the Affidavit on the envelope and returning your ballot to be counted on Election Day, you will become a Registered Voter. Once you are a Registered Voter, you will have the option of voting in one of two ways:

Ø A Ballot will be sent to your mailing address at the time of all Elections. Your address must be current with the Enrollment Office in order to receive a ballot by mail. You may mark the ballot and mail it back to the Election Commission as instructed in order for your vote to be counted.


Ø You may come to any established Polling Place on Election Day and vote on site. You do not have to vote at the Polling Place in your assigned District. You may come to vote at any Polling Place that is convenient for you on Election Day.

eligible voters


Any enrolled Kiowa tribal member who will be eighteen years of age, or older, on or before October 13, 2018 may register and vote in this election. If you have not yet registered to vote prior to Election Day, you may come to any Polling Place and register at the time you cast your ballot.

polling places


o District 1 – Anadarko/Ah-Kaw Lay: Kiowa Housing Office- 1701 E Central Blvd, Anadarko, OK.

o District 2 – Carnegie/Zoltone: Kiowa Tribal Complex-Front Foyer.

o District 3 – Medicine Bluff/DoHau-doy: Comanche Community Bldg, 309 Julia Mahseet Road Apache, OK.

o District 4 – Jimmy Creek/Qop-aydle: KCA Intertribal Land Use Bldg, 610 East Gore Blvd, Lawton, OK

o District 5 – Red River/P’au-aydle/P’au-gul: Geronimo Senior Community Center, 101 W. Main St., Geronimo, OK.

o District 7 – All Kiowa/Cauigu: Circle of Life Church, 3720 SW 27th St, Oklahoma City, OK.


Please do not bring any ballot received by mail to a Polling Place to be counted. Ballots that are received by mail must be returned by mail. If you are unable to mail your ballot in a timely manner, come to a Polling Place where a new ballot will be issued. For more information contact the Election Commission Office at 580/654-6325.

 Please see Constitution and Bylaws for more information. 

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