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Native American Church day


The Kiowa Tribe along with others was represented at the Native American Church (NAC) State of Oklahoma 100 Year Commemoration held October 9-10, 2018 at the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes.  The Native American Church (peyotism/peyote religion) was a widespread movement among indigenous natives and thought to be the most influential. By 1907 peyotism spread to the majority of Oklahoma tribes; on October 10, 1918, an intertribal coalition of Peyotists achieved legal definition for their religion through the incorporation of the Native American Church of Oklahoma.


The Oklahoma Secretary of State and Native American Affairs, Chris Benge, presented the state proclamation by Oklahoma Governor, Mary Fallin, proclaiming October 10, 2018 as “Native American Church Day.” Once the proclamation was read, the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes Governor, Reggie Wassana, welcomes those in attendance and stated how happy he was to see the tribes come together and support the Native American Church as well as the 100 Year Commemoration celebration.


Brunch was served and the program consisted with the recognition of the six tribes and tribal leaders followed by presentations by the following: Apache NAC, NAV of Cheyenne Chapter 1, Comanche NAC 1918 Chapter, Kiowa NAC, Otoe NAC, and Ponca NAC. Lonnie Emhoolah spoke for the Kiowa NAC Chapter during the program.

A special “sain-peah” was held that evening. Phil “Joe Fish” Dupoint said how happy he was that our Kiowa Chairman, Matt Komalty, choose to attend as well. He said, “to having him there made us strong, we all prayed for our tribe and for our people.”

The display of the Kiowa Native American Church was given to the Kiowa Tribe Museum along with a Pendleton blanket. Mr. Dupoint was proud to accept the gifts and said that the display will have a special place inside our museum. 

upcoming events

Kiowa Tribe Health Fair

The Kiowa CHR (Certified Health Representative), Kiowa AOA (Administration of Aging), and Kiowa Tribe Headstart will be hosting a Health Fair inside the Red Buffalo Hall, Kiowa Complex, on October26, 2018 from 10:00am - 2:00pm.

This Halloween themed event is open to the public. Guest will be able to learn about Medicare/Medicate, Suicide Prevention, and much more. There will also be a CPR demonstration and flu shots as well. Light physical activity, games, and snacks be available. For more information contact the CHR Department at 580/654-6378.

Kiowa Tribe will host Halloween safe house


The Red Buffalo Hall in Carnegie, Oklahoma is the place to be on October 29, 2018. The Kiowa Tribe will host a ‘Safe House’ full of special treats and activities for the children and families. Over 20 booths will be set up to include face painting, ring toss, basketball throw, family style bingo, & more along with prizes.

Each child will be given a bag to use for their candy as they “trick or treat” and enjoy the activities; free hot dogs, chips, and drinks will be available as well. Special costume contest will be held for different age categories along with prizes for whoever has the best costume.

The event is free to the public (native and non-native) and is being sponsored by the Kiowa Casino, Kiowa Tribe, Bar-S, and Farmers Bank. 

Fire Fighting individuals




The Southern Plains Region Fire Management has collaborated with the Tribes and Agencies for fire training to close out the calendar year 2018. 

All training courses are free. The home unit will need to be prepared to cover per diem and any travel needs of the student. A Training Nomination form is attached for your convenience.

UTV, October 19, 2018, Watonga, Oklahoma. There are five slots available in morning and three in the afternoon. Arduous Fireline personnel can contact either Shane Glory or Sheldon Sankey for availability.

S-131/Firefighter Type 1, Tuesday, October  23, 2018, Concho,  Oklahoma. Tribal/Agency nominations can be sent to

L-280/Followership  to Leadership, Wednesday, October 24-Thursday, October 25, 2018, Concho, Oklahoma. There is pre-course work that needs to be completed prior to class. Tribal/Agency nominations can be sent  to

Rookie School:  S-11O/Basic Wildland Fire Orientation, S-130/Basic Firefighter Training, L-180/Hunan Factors in the Wildland Fire Service, S-190/Intro to Wildland Fire Behavior, IS-700.a/National  Incident Management  System (NIMS), An Introduction, IS-100.b/Introduction to the Incident  Command  System, 

ICS-100, Monday, November  5-Friday, November  9, 2018, Concho, Oklahoma. Tribal/Agency nominations can be sent to

Work Capacity (Pack) Test will also be administered with the Rookie  School on Thursday, November  8-Friday, November  9, 2018.  

The Pack Test may be scheduled at Concho or Weatherford dependent on weather.  A copy of the CHS clearance is needed prior to taking Pack test.  Contact Sheldon for location and times.

S-212/Wildland  Fire Chain Saws, November  27-28, 2018, tentative  location,  awaiting confirmation.  Optional, there may be a field session on Thursday, November 29, 2018.

Tribal/Agency nominations can be sent to

S-271/Helicopter  Crewmember,  Tentative, December 2018, Pawnee, Oklahoma.  Tribal/Agency nominations can be sent to

If there are any questions you can call, Brian Tonihka, FMO, Jacob Wisehart, East Zone FOS or Sheldon Sankey West Zone FOS.

Thank you.