Welcome to the kiowa tribal re-entry program


Mission & Vision

The Kiowa Re-Entry Program is dedicated to empowering ex-offenders with opportunities of growth by providing post incarceration support, developing healthy families while healing tribal communities 


Re-Entry Program Purpose

The Re-Entry Program is dedicated to educating offenders, Families and communities while collaborating with federal, tribal, state, and county officials, identifying opportunities while eliminating gaps in criminal justice reform. The Purpose of the organization is to inform American Indian offenders of their rights, roles, and responsibilities, and as a result, become active participants in their own cases will allow them to understand what is happening to them while in the criminal justice system, as well as how to better their situation by improving their lives for themselves and their family members. 


Re-Entry Program Purpose 2

Many Times offenders do not understand what is happening and therefore cannot participate in their case, nor do they know what programs are available for them to take to improve their situation. To help with this dilemma, offenders work closely with case managers, some of whom are ex-offenders, who are now success stories within their own tribal communities. Our case managers educate, mentor, and guide offenders on the roles and responsibilities of the offender while incarcerated, as well as issues they will face post-incarceration. Our case manages work inside and outside of prisons, navigating offenders and their families through the entire incarceration process, release, and beyond.


Re-Entry Program Overall Goals

Our goal for Kiowa Re-Entry program is to achieve (5) major priorities for American Indian families. 1. Relieve the heavy financial burden from tribal families, as well as the state and tribal communities. 2. Decrease the overall crime rate within our tribal communities, while keeping Kiowa families together. 3. Decreasing the recidivism rate among American Indians, ending the cycle of trauma. 4. For the first time in history, attain data from behind prison walls on enrolled Oklahoma American Indians incarcerated and the tribal nations they represent. 5. Intertribal focus awareness of Post Incarceration Syndrome and the traumatic multigenerational effects crippling American Indian Families.

Welcome To The Kiowa Tribal Re-Entry Program