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The goal of the Kiowa Tribe Social Services Program is to assist tribal members to achieve self-sufficiency through community resources and/or programs under the social services program.  

The LiHeap program is divided into 3 parts (heating, crisis, and cooling).  This objective of the energy assistance program is to assist tribal members in paying high energy bills. The requirements are as follow:  income verification, copy of household social security cards, CDIB (for adults), completed no income form (if applicable) and vendor information.  

These are requirements by the LiHeap federal funding agency.  If the applicant, age 18 years of older, does not have any income they are required to complete a no income form. The only exception to this requirement is if the 18 year old is still attending high school.

The emergency assistance program is a One Time only per year.  The funding year begins July 1st and ends on June 30th the following year.  It is one per household (residence) and up to $250.  This assistance is for medical, utility, or rent.  A payment is made directly to the vendor.  There is some exceptions for emergency assistance and determination is case by case by consulting with the tribal member.  Also, if the bill is over the $250, the tribal member has to pay the balance. 

Just to mention other programs under the social service umbrella…

The domestic family violence program has funding to assist anyone involved in domestic violence that resides in Caddo and Kiowa counties.  Our first goal is to ensure the safety of the client and their family. 

The beginning process is a face to face interview with the social service staff to develop a case plan.  At that time, the social service staff will determine what type of assistance is needed and whether  funding and/or community resources is required to meet the needs of the client.  The client’s case will be assigned a corresponding number and all client documentation will be assigned a case number.  This practice will ensure client confidentiality.  A release is signed by the client if additional resources are needed; this ensures the tribe does not dual serve with other domestic violence programs.

The tribal burial application is on the website and the authorizing person (family member) must complete the form along with the acknowledgement form.  If the family wants the Wal-Mart card, the authorizing person must come in and pick up the walmart cards or send a designated person.  The walmart card will not be mailed.  That is a risk sending the card through the mail.  Once the tribe receives the completed application, CDIB, funeral home bill, and death certificate; social service staff will prepare the documentation for finance.  The amount the tribe will pay is up to $5,000; anything over that amount will be the authorizing person(s) responsibility.


The Kiowa Tribe’s LIHEAP Program will begin on 11/3/2018 to 1/31/2019 for heating energy assistance for tribal members residing in the following counties: Caddo, Comanche, Cotton, Grady, and Kiowa. Tribal members that are the head of household can apply through the Anadarko or Carnegie offices. Applicant must submit the following information: Completed LIHEAP application, Household members Social Security Cards or copy of cards, Enrollment Information, Income for the past 12 months, and bill/vendor information. If no income is reported for any household members ages 18 years or older; a No Income Certification form must be completed, and the only exception is if the 18-year-old is attending high school. Social Services intake staff will review and verify all information before a decision of eligibility can be determined. Tribal members can utilize LIHEAP funding for repairs to heating/cooling unit or replacement of units at the amount households are approved; any costs above the approved amount is the responsibility of the applicant. Also, if you received Energy Assistance from DHS or other tribal entities, you will not be eligible for Kiowa Tribe LIHEAP Assistance.

For future reference: Crisis Assistance will begin on 12/3/18 – 7/31/19; Cooling Assistance will begin on 6/3/19 -8/9/19. 

Contact Vena Wagner at (405) 648-4080 or Mona McCaskill at (580) 654-6361 for more information.  

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